Assisting Hands Potomac 2019 Caregiver Of The Year

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A little late perhaps? You would think so, since Francis Agyin was chosen as our Caregiver Of The Year for 2019. But the truth is, the photos had to wait! Covid prevented us from going into the home of the client or from having Francis come into our office – so finally now, we get to celebrate with Francis!

Francis Agyin is definitely a caregiver extraordinaire! The care he provides to his client is consistently outstanding. Francis has worked with us continuously since April 2016 – and since then he’s been with the same client.  Francis’ client has dementia and has come to rely on Francis to help her navigate her day, keep active and engaged and to continue to lead an active and healthy life. The client’s family considers Francis to be an integral part of their family. They rely on Francis to ensure that their mother gets to doctor’s appointments. And Francis makes sure she visits friends and other family members on a regular basis. It’s not unusual for Francis to work seven days a week – which, by the way, he does without complaint. Once a year, his client goes to live with her daughter, who lives almost forty miles away from her home. Francis takes the time to drive his client, without complaint, to the daughter’s house to keep his client active and engaged. Francis is super dependable – he almost never calls off of a shift; he’s rarely, if ever late; and always clocks in and out on time while recording his tasks.

In truth, very often the mark of an exceptional caregiver is how little interaction the office staff has with Francis.  We all know, without a doubt, that Francis will provide extraordinary care for his client and will treat her as if she was his own mother.

As the business owner, I am at a loss for words to describe the level of caring and professionalism that Francis brings to his job every day. We are extremely thankful to have him as part of our team. It was not one particular thing that made us give Francis the Caregiver of the Year award – instead it was his day in, day out, consistent and compassionate caring.

Thank you, Francis, for all you do. You are very much appreciated.