What to Do when Your Senior Loved One Needs Help

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Seniors often require assistance as they begin to face different challenges with their daily routines. Your aging loved one may show signs of facing certain challenges, begin to forget to take medication, or stop keeping the house as clean as he or she did in the past. Once you’ve …

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5 Safe & Fun Activities for Aging Adults Who Have Dementia

It’s important for seniors with dementia to stay socially active and keep their brains stimulated because it can lead to a better quality of life. Although you want your senior loved one to enjoy as many activities as possible, you should also make sure safety remains a priority. Here are a few fun and safe …

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8 Ways Aging Women Can Maintain Their Health

As women grow older, they may experience many changes pertaining to their health. These age-related changes could cause senior women to develop a variety of diseases and health conditions. However, good lifestyle choices could stave off these issues. Here are some tips to help aging women maintain their health. 1. Exercise Women tend to have …

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The Dangers of Hospital Delirium for Aging Adults

Hospitalization should lead to a senior feeling a little better each day. However, that isn’t always the case, and some seniors experience a dramatic decrease in their mental wellbeing during their time in the hospital. Hospital delirium is a condition that can cause your aging loved one to experience extreme confusion, disorientation, and even hallucinations. …

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Benefits of Getting to Know Your Aging Parents

As your parents grow older, your relationship with them may change. You may view each other more as friends rather than child and parents, and you may develop a better understanding of each other. However, many adult children report they regret not spending more time with their senior parents. Here are some reasons you should …

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What Illnesses Are Common among Older Adults?

Not every senior ends up with serious health issues, but general wear and tear, diminished immunity, and reduced physical strength can cause some illnesses to develop. Make sure to keep an eye out for these common types of senior health issues to help your senior loved one remain healthy.  Cardiovascular Disease This leading cause of …

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How to Tell if Appetite Loss Is a Sign of Dementia

Recent research from Washington University in St. Louis found that sudden weight loss could predict a person would be diagnosed with dementia within a year. This early sign of dementia seems to occur because many seniors with dementia experience a loss of appetite that keeps them from eating enough food. Though appetite loss is fairly …

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Strategies for Communicating with Aging Adults

It can be challenging to watch a parent grow older, especially when health problems become an issue. One of the most important things family members can do is learn how to communicate effectively and respectfully with their senior loved ones. Here are a few tips that will help you enhance the conversations you have with …

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Why At-Home Respite Care Is Vital

At-home respite care is a service available for both seniors and family caregivers who need professional assistance. Although respite care is used for many different reasons, one of the major motivations is to give family caregivers a break. While having someone new in the house does require some adjustments, you may find yourself wondering how …

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