Autistic Children: How Does Screen Time Affect Them?

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Autistic ChildrenChildren are spending more and more time in front of screens. How does this effect autistic children? Here are 11 reasons why autistic children are extra vulnerable to screen time and tech addiction. Read this article from Psychology Today.

Autistic children, or children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are uniquely vulnerable to various brain-related impacts of screen time. These electronic “side effects” include hyperarousal and dysregulation—what I call Electronic Screen Syndrome—as well as technology addiction, to video games, internet, smartphones, social media, and so on.

Why? Because a brain of an autistic child has inherent characteristics that screen time exacerbates. In truth, these impacts in occur in all of us, but children with autism will be both more prone to experiencing negative effects and less able to recover from them; their brains are more sensitive and less resilient.