A Guide to Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Parkinson’s disease may develop in older adults at various points in their lives. The way the disorder affects seniors is as different as the individuals themselves. However, Parkinson’s symptoms do progress, which necessitates the assistance of a caregiver at some point. Having a guide for reference provides a little enlightenment as to what lies ahead.  …

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Top 5 Activities for Aging Adults with Parkinson’s

Staying physically, mentally, and emotionally stimulated is essential for seniors with Parkinson’s disease, as it can alleviate symptoms associated with the disease and increase their quality of life. Below you’ll find some fun and beneficial activities for your aging loved one to try.    1. Playing Word Games Puzzles and word association games are enjoyable …

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Parkinson’s Impact on Communication: Challenges Seniors Face

Seniors with Parkinson’s experience both non-motor and motor symptoms. These cognitive difficulties and mobility problems are part of the progression of Parkinson’s disease (PD), and they often result in special communication challenges for seniors with PD. Here are a few ways Parkinson’s affects communication.  Emotions People use emotional responses to connect with one another. Many …

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6 Most Common Emotional Effects of Parkinson’s Disease

In addition to compromising motor skills, Parkinson’s can also affect emotional health and stability. This disease impacts the production of important chemicals in the brain, often leading to a wide variety of behavioral and psychological problems. Here’s a closer look at six of the most common emotional effects of Parkinson’s and some steps that can …

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