Respite Care for Seniors: The Arc of Montgomery County

Steve Lorberbaum: Well, good morning, everyone. Welcome to this month’s edition of What’s Your Plan? So my name is Steve Lorberbaum. I’m the owner of Assisting Hands Home Care, and along with Patricia Dubroof, who is our marketing and everything else guru, we each month present an important topic that we think would be helpful …

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Book Chat: An Inconvenient Truth in Very Few Words

Patricia Dubroof: It’s three o’clock. It’s time for Book Chat. I am Patricia Dubroof. I’m with Assisting Hands Home Care, where we provide certified nursing aid support for our community in both Montgomery County, Maryland, and Fairfax County, Virginia. We have people joining us sometimes on Book Chat from all over the world. So I …

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Book Chat: The Care and Feeding of the Aging Human Male Species – A Sassy Primer

Patricia Dubroof: Okay, well, it’s three o’clock. So it’s another great day for a Book Chat. I’d like to welcome all of you to Assisting Hands Home Care’s monthly Book Chat. And I’m your host, Patricia Dubroff. I’m glad you all could join us for this informal half-hour of learning. And I think, in this …

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Aging in Place Book Chat: The Mediators

Steve Lorberbaum: Well, good morning everybody. Thank you for joining us for What’s Your Plan? Today we’re very happy and lucky to have a special guest, Susy Murphy. She’s the owner of Debra Levy Eldercare Associates. They’re really like wedding planners for growing older and we’re going to talk today about what care managers do …

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Designated Shopping Time for Seniors During Coronavirus Pandemic

According to The Washington Post, Grocery store chains throughout the D.C. region and the nation are making changes to their hours and allowing older shoppers and those with weakened immune systems to shop earlier than others in response to the coronavirus. Safeway said it is reserving two hours every Tuesday and Thursday morning to allow …

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