8 Delicious Senior-Friendly Meals

Healthy meals are important for all of us, but they’re especially important for seniors. However, it’s often difficult to find meals that are easy to prepare, inexpensive, and cater to senior nutritional needs. Here are a few taste-tested healthy meals seniors will love.    1. Tomato Stacks This tasty treat is low in sodium and …

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5 Reasons for Aging Adults to Try the Mediterranean Diet

Upon discovering the prevalence of healthy seniors in the Mediterranean region, researchers became intrigued to learn their secret. The PREDIMED study led to the discovery of the Mediterranean diet and how it benefits older adults. Here are a few reasons your senior loved one should try this diet.    1. Maintain a Healthy Weight  Articles …

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What’s a Good Lunch for an Older Adult?

Lunch is an important meal for seniors because it bridges the gap between breakfast and dinner, discourages unhealthy snacking, and fills nutritional gaps. Ideally, seniors should focus on lunch options that are healthy, but taste is just as important, since age-related changes in taste buds can affect eating habits. Here are some nutritious and delicious …

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Older Adults & Obesity

Obesity continues to be a growing problem in the United States, and in recent years, nationwide statistics have shown that obesity is especially prevalent among the senior population. In fact, a 2010 study indicated nearly 70 percent of elderly adults are considered either overweight or obese. Here’s some important information about elderly obesity for seniors …

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Top 5 Superfoods for Boosting Brain Health

The foods seniors eat can have a major impact on their mental health and cognitive abilities. Countless studies have shown eating a healthy, well-balanced diet can enhance memory, verbal skills, reasoning, hand-eye coordination, and focus. Here are five delicious superfoods that can boost your senior loved one’s brain health and slow age-related cognitive decline.  1. …

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What Should Seniors with Celiac Disease Eat?

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder whereby gluten, a wheat protein, causes intestinal damage. Seniors with this disease must follow a strict diet to prevent gastrointestinal distress. Older adults with celiac disease can’t eat wheat, which is found in cereals, breads, pastas, and other common foods, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have a fulfilling …

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