Healthy Meal Choices for Seniors Who Have Had Strokes

For senior stroke survivors to recover and prevent future strokes, they must eat healthy meals. Some typical recommendations include foods with low cholesterol levels and minimal amounts of salt. If your elderly loved one has experienced a stroke, here are a few healthy meal options you can serve him or her.  Oatmeal  Your loved one can …

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Communication Aids for Stroke Survivors

Strokes often affect seniors’ speech, which can make communication challenging. Fortunately, there are communication aids available to help stroke survivors communicate. Before making a purchase, make sure to check with your senior loved one’s insurance provider to determine what your loved one’s policy will cover.   Communication Boards This is a low-tech and easy-to-use option …

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7 Types of Food Senior Stroke Survivors Shouldn’t Eat

Maintaining a healthy diet after a stroke is one of the best ways to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol and reduce the likelihood of a second stroke or other cardiac event. Difficulty with chewing, swallowing, and hand-to-mouth coordination as well as a waning appetite are challenges stroke survivors are likely to face, and …

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Tips for Combating Depression in Senior Stroke Survivors

According to the National Stroke Association, more than a third of all stroke survivors experience symptoms of depression. However, the feelings of sadness, anger, and hopelessness that lead to depression can be alleviated. Take a look at the following strategies to help your senior loved one combat post-stroke depression.  Reach Out for Support In 2014, …

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5 Preparations to Make to the Home for Care after a Stroke

Seniors recovering from strokes have many unique needs. It may be difficult for your senior loved one to perform daily tasks after experiencing a stroke, and you might need to modify his or her home. Follow these tips to ensure your loved one’s home is comfortable and safe for post-stroke care. 1. Reduce Bathroom Hazards …

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