Enhancing the Lives of Clients

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It’s my belief that the best caregivers have a vocation. They truly like what they do. Their life has more purpose as a caregiver. Maybe you can even say they have an avocation for caregiving – a passion to give more.

Our workers. Let me tell you about the people who work here at Assisting Hands. First, there’s Robin. She is our Director of Community Relations.  She is committed to finding the best resources for our clients. She’ll travel to networking events, listening and researching – testing new ideas and finding resources that will enhance the life of our clients. Then there’s Nathaniel. He’s a caregiver who enjoys seeing excitement in the faces of the people he looks after. Here’s how they worked together.

A jewel of a find. Through a series of connections and events, Robin found The Metropolitan Washington Ear organization. This group provides access to magazines, newspapers, books and descriptions of live performances to the blind, visually impaired or physically disabled people. The service is provided through a dial-in connection as well as through their own radios – tuned to a certain frequency. 300 volunteers read the Washington Post, USA Today, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, books and scripts. This isn’t an easy gig. In fact, volunteers must go through an audition process.

The client. Mr. R. Has round the clock care with caregivers at Assisting Hands. Mr. R had a stroke and needs assistance with daily living. He has macular degeneration and while mostly blind, he is cognitively alert. Nathaniel mentioned to our nursing team that Mr. R was agitated and unhappy. A solution was discussed at a team meeting and Robin came up with the perfect answer – a radio from Metropolitan Washington Ear.

The smile. Robin delivered the radio to Mr. R. one day. She and Nathaniel got it started and sat down to listen with Mr. R. – his reaction was priceless. He literally stopped eating. The spoon stalled midway between the oatmeal and his mouth! Mr. R. sat there, frozen in motion, for a good 10 minutes while he listened to the news being read! Finally, Nathaniel broke the spell. “Did Mr. R. like the radio?” Absolutely!  When asked if he used to read the newspapers a lot, he smiled and said YES. Knowing he had grown up in New York City, Robin added that he could even listen to the New York Times being read!

The reward. Our team worked together to improve a client’s daily life – a more than ample reward for two dedicated workers.

What’s next? Robin is talking to all Assisting Hands Home Care Potomac caregivers to see which other clients could benefit from this – and other services. Assisting Hands is constantly on the lookout to help engage our clients.