Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D and Iron?

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Vitamin D and Iron

Over a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with having a vitamin D deficiency and mild Anemia. For weeks I had wondered why I felt so sluggish and why my hair was shedding like crazy.

Eventually, I made an appointment to see my primary care doctor to inquire about the way that I had been feeling. Urine and blood tests were administered. Results showed that I had a vitamin D deficiency and mild anemia. Per the blood test, my levels were quite low. Vitamin D being the lowest. So my doctor prescribed a very high dosage of vitamin d pills to be taken twice a week for the next month. Once complete, she recommended that I buy an OTC vitamin D dosage of (2x) 1000 (IU) daily and iron supplements. Immediately I started to notice a difference…..I had more energy and less shedding of my hair!

Today my hair is thriving, there is no shedding and I have lots of energy.

Little Known Facts:

  • Vitamin D level needs to be between 50 and 80.
  • Vitamin D deficiency is more prevalent in African Americans and dark skinned individuals than other Americans.
  • Vitamin D known as the sunshine vitamin. The vitamin plays a vital role in everything from calcium absorption to depression.
  • Iron deficiency is very important in maintaining many body functions; necessary to maintain healthy cells, skin, hair, and nails.

My advice is to consult your doctor and request blood work. I have learned to ask as many questions as possible during my yearly physicals, in order to know what tests and type of blood work is being done or not. Fyi, not all doctors test for vitamin d deficiency unless you request it be done.


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