Increase Flexibility, Strength and Improve Mental Health with Chair Yoga

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Yoga, in any form, can provide many physical and mental benefits to anyone – young and old alike. Yoga improves flexibility, respiration, cardio health, and even provides a bit of protection from injury. Yoga can also decrease stress and reduce inflammation.

While yoga as we know it may be too taxing for some older adults, chair yoga can be practiced by anyone who has the ability to sit. It can help improve strength and mobility, reduce pain and stiffness and improve balance.

As a caregiver, consider working with your loved ones a few minutes each day to improve flexibility and mental health. You can view various chair yoga videos on YouTube. We’ve selected a 16 minute video from Adriene on YouTube for you to try. As you go through the video, you should only do the poses as they are comfortable for you. As you continue your practice on a regular basis, you’ll notice that you can move easier and deeper than when you started. Enjoy your practice!

Chair Yoga with Adriene – a 16 minute yoga video on YouTube.