Preparing For Independence Day

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It’s just around the corner. Independence Day. July 4th brings families together. We play outdoors, maybe do some swimming and take walks. If possible, we watch fireworks with our families. One thing we all seem to do over the July 4th holiday is GRILL! And who doesn’t like food that is grilled! It’s all good, right?

Truth is, sometimes grilled foods are hard on seniors. The sauces are sometimes too spicy, steaks can be hard to chew and many grilled foods are hard on the stomach.

Here’s a thought – consider cooking up a healthier Barbecue. It’s not that hard really. Just like hamburgers and hot dogs taste so much better on the grill, so do vegetables! We have so many choices nowadays. Here is a great article on cooking up a healthier barbecue – for all of your loved ones, including the seniors in your life!