Seniors Aging in Place — Are We Ready for the Challenge?

U.S. Census figures show that fewer older adults are choosing to receive care in a nursing home. Yet the projections also show major growth in the number of seniors who are living with chronic illness. It is clear that our population is aging, and providing quality care for our nation’s older adults is already beginning …

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Dementia by Day

Patricia Dubroof: Hello. Welcome to Assisting Hands Home Care’s Book Chat with your host, me, Patricia Dubroof. I am so glad you all can join us today for this informal half-hour chat of learning and enjoyment. Assisting Hands provides meaningful caregiving support to our families in Montgomery County, Maryland, and Fairfax County, Virginia. And as …

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Assisting Hands: Personalized In-Home Care

Assisting Hands helps mom with personalized in-home care and I have the peace of mind that she can stay home, where she wants to be. Assisting Hands Home Care provides elder care services and senior in-home care Potomac services for families across the country. For a free consultation, and also receive four free hours with …

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The Bridge To A Decision: Care At Home While Making Plans

Caring for a loved one can be challenging. Family caregivers often find it difficult to balance the demands of their own lives with the pressures of providing consistent help. Many caregivers also grapple with difficult issues and choices. Is an aging parent safe at home alone? Is it time to move a loved one to …

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