Home Care: A Handbook for Preventing Hospitalizations

Patricia Dubroof: Hi, welcome to Book Chat. It’s another great adventure, a nice afternoon. Speaking to you from Maryland, we are going to be visited by an author from Boston and our very own Steve Lorberbaum, who contributed to the book. The book is called Thriving at Home, A Handbook for Preventing Hospitalizations. And we’re …

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Dementia Care: Parkinson’s and Speech

Steve Lorberbaum: Well, I’d like to welcome you all. Thank you for joining us today on this month’s edition of What’s Your Plan. Basically, I’m the owner of Assisting Hands Home Care Potomac. We, on a monthly basis, bring in somebody who’s an expert in the field of aging to help us understand the process …

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Aging in Montgomery County (MD)

Steve L.: Good morning. My name is Steve Lorberbaum. I’m the owner of Assisting Hands Home Care Potomac, and welcome to What’s your plan? Today, we are incredibly fortunate to have Odile Brunetto, who’s the Chief of the Aging and Disability Services, to talk to us today about the hot topics that are going on …

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Caregivers Plan: My Home – Assisting Hands Home Care

Steve Lorberbaum: Well, good morning everybody. Thank you for joining us for What’s Your Plan? Today we’re very happy and lucky to have a special guest, Susy Murphy. She’s the owner of Debra Levy Eldercare Associates. They’re really like wedding planners for growing older and we’re going to talk today about what care managers do …

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10 Signs Mom or Dad Need Home Care

It can be difficult to accept that our parents are aging and may no longer be capable of caring for themselves without some help. After all, as we were growing up, they took care of us. As people age, though, there often comes a time when they are unable to adequately care for themselves and …

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The Assisting Hands® Help Alert Pendant

One of the biggest challenges when caring for a loved one is figuring out what to do when you or a companion caregiver can’t be with them. The fear of falls and other medical emergencies can be stressful if a loved one is left alone for any period of time. Medical alert systems offer a …

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For Caregivers: 5 Questions To Ask Your Aging Parents’ Doctors

For caregivers, navigating a senior’s medical needs can be a confusing and daunting task. Here are 5 key questions caregivers should always ask. According to, The population of seniors, or people age 65 or over, in the United States neared 48 million last year and is steadily growing. Consequently, millions of adult children find …

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Are There Any Benefits To Aging At Home?

So, we get the convenience of aging in place. And certainly understand the economics of living at home. But are there any other benefits an older adult receives from aging-in-place? The answer is YES! According to, besides the economic advantage, there are four other benefits of aging in your own home. 5 Benefits of …

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