Book Chat: The Care and Feeding of the Aging Human Male Species – A Sassy Primer

Patricia Dubroof: Okay, well, it’s three o’clock. So it’s another great day for a Book Chat. I’d like to welcome all of you to Assisting Hands Home Care’s monthly Book Chat. And I’m your host, Patricia Dubroff. I’m glad you all could join us for this informal half-hour of learning. And I think, in this …

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Book Chat: Catch Me a Catch

Patricia Bubroof: All right. So welcome to this edition of Book Chat. We are welcoming the author of Catch Me a Catch, Leora Hoffman, to the roundtable, so to speak. I want to do a little introduction about why don’t we do this and then a little introduction about Leora, and then we’ll start asking …

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Book Chat: The Value of Wrinkles

Hosted by Patricia Dubroff, the director of community relations for Assisting Hands Home Care. The elderly have a myriad of health issues from Alzheimer’s to being frail and unable to care for themselves. Patricia Dubroff: For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Patricia Dubroff. I’m the director of community relations for Assisting Hands …

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