Aging in Place: The Signs of a Stroke

The All-Important Warning Signs of a Stroke Erin McKittrick: Hello, Bethesda. I’m Erin McKittrick, Director of Nursing for Assisting Hands Home Care Potomac. We are a proud member of The Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce. I’m here today to share with you all of the important warning signs for a stroke. If you even think …

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Is Taking Aspirin Good For Your Heart?

Is taking aspirin good for your heart? If a loved one has had a heart attack or stroke, taking low dose aspirin is beneficial. But for those who don’t have heart disease, the answer may surprise you. This article from Johns Hopkins Medicine takes a look. “If you’ve had a heart attack or stroke, there’s …

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Heart Health And Aging: How The Heart Changes With Age

February is American Heart Month. Here’s a look at how the heart changes with age, signs of heart disease, and preventative measures to keep the heart healthy from the National Institute on Aging. Elena’s Story. Elena keeps an eye on her husband Frank to make sure he is taking care of his heart. But, she …

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