How Light Can Enhance Sleep for People with Alzheimer’s

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Sleep disturbances are a common problem in people with Alzheimer’s disease. Changes in sleep/wake patterns appear early on in the disease and become more disruptive as the illness progresses. Recent research on light therapies, however, suggests a viable solution for nighttime wakefulness and fitful sleeping during the day may be in sight. 


Resetting the Biological Clock

Sleeping and awake periods in healthy humans are regulated by circadian rhythms, internal biological clocks located in our brains. Circadian rhythms take cues from the environment to trigger periods of wakefulness and sleep. 

Studies show that lighting can be used to alter circadian rhythms, provided the light is applied in the right spectrum at the right time. For example, the body’s core temperature typically drops to its lowest point around two hours before waking. Providing bright light before this period has been shown to reset the biological clock to wake later the next day. 

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A 24-Hour Lighting Scheme

A review of existing light therapy studies conducted by architectural engineer Mariana Figueiro suggests a lighting scheme with different levels of illumination might be beneficial for people with Alzheimer’s. The proposed 24-hour scheme would include two hours of soft illumination from LED lights early in the evening combined with bright lights during the day. Nightlights would be included to prevent falls during the night. 

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

The loss of restful sleep that occurs with Alzheimer’s has a negative impact not only on the individual’s health but also on the wellbeing of the caregiver. In fact, experts cite lack of sleep consolidation as one of the main reasons families make the decision to have loved ones moved to nursing homes. While the subject requires further research, lighting schemes that are timed to deliver a regular light/dark pattern may help those with Alzheimer’s sleep better and stay in their homes longer, which can also provide much-needed peace of mind for family members. 

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