Making Changes To A Home As Seniors Choose To Age In Place

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Increasingly, our clients make modifications to their home in order to live an independent life. This month, we’ve asked Ali Soltani to provide some information on Home Modifications.

Aging In Place. As seniors desire to age in place, home modification becomes increasingly important. Modifying your home to fit your needs is important for both the elderly and for people who have disabilities. What exactly do we mean by home modification? Essentially, it’s adapting living spaces to make it easier and safer to meet the needs of anyone who suffers from physical limitations. It often means making changes so that the person can live a more independent life.

women in accessible bathtubWhat type of modifications are needed? Some modifications involve nothing more than adding features that make it easier to get around. These modifications could include adding pull handles to cabinets, installing wheelchair ramps at an entrance or adding bars or seats to a shower stall. Installing railings in the bathroom and shower can prevent falls while showering and dressing. Other modifications might involve some home remodeling – like widening doorways or lowering sinks. Lowering sink and countertop heights can reduce the number of falls created by trying to grab something that is out of reach. Replacing cabinet knobs with pull chains can do the same thing. A stair lift can eliminate one of the most common causes of falls and will allow wheelchair-bound individuals to keep living in a multi-story home.

What is the problem area in most homes? When mobility is limited, stairs can be a major problem. According to NIH, approximately 15% of older Americans suffer from some form of balance problem. Slipping and falling on the stairs, as well as falling in the shower, are two of the most common risks faced by seniors living at home according to the CDC.

Will home modifications solve the problem? In studies conducted by the AARP, they found that the majority of homes are not equipped to accommodate the special needs of people aged 65 and above. Nor are most homes designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It has been estimated that home modifications could prevent up to 50% of accidents in the home for senior citizens.

Keeping parents independent. While home modifications can’t solve every problem, according to Elder care Locator, making changes to a home can certainly extend the independence of a person who wants to stay at home. Contact your contractor or give us a call today to find out how we can help you or a loved one keep living at home, in peace and comfort. We have 24 years in this industry and we’re certified and licensed to understand special needs!

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