10 Clues Your Aging Parents Need Help

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clues to look forWhat clues should you look for over the holidays? If you are planning to visit your aging parents over the holidays, here are 10 clues that may signal they need help.

Maybe you’re planning a visit to see one or both of your aging parents after a period of not seeing them. Like a lot of adult children of elderly parents, you may worry about how they’re managing and whether they might need assistance. If that’s the case, your next visit to see them can be a valuable opportunity to gauge how they’re doing.

Perhaps you won’t notice anything new or out of the ordinary during your next visit to see your parents. However, it’s possible that you’ll spot worrisome clues of trouble or see crises unfolding before you eyes. Take the time during your visit to be a bit of a double agent, sniffing out the following eight potential signs of trouble. You’re not being nosy, you’re being proactive and smart.