Latest Innovations in Diabetes Care for Aging Adults

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A high percentage of seniors develop diabetes each year, and this number is likely to increase with the next generation of seniors. However, new developments have been made to help seniors address this disease. Here are a few of these developments. 


The SmartMat 

Due to lack of circulation in the feet, some seniors face the risk of amputation. However, thanks to recent advancements, there’s hope that amputations might not be necessary for many seniors. This hope is due to an item called the SmartMat, which measures the temperatures of both feet, determining if one is cooler than the other. This device allows physicians to prevent a foot ulcer before it appears. The SmartMat could prevent amputations that are the result of unmanaged diabetes.


New Medications

Three pills have been developed to treat seniors with type 2 diabetes. The medications include: 

  • Linagliptin 
  • Saxagliptin 
  • Sitagliptin 

The pills are all taken once per day and don’t cause weight gain. The purpose of each medication is to slow the breakdown of incretins. By doing so, insulin will be released for longer periods.

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Smart Insulin Patch

Thanks to this development, painful insulin injections could become a thing of the past for many seniors who live with diabetes. The smart insulin patch detects when a person has increased blood sugar levels. When high blood sugar levels are detected, the patch secretes doses of insulin directly into the bloodstream as needed. The patch is small and covered by more than one hundred needles that are no bigger than eyelashes. It works fast, is easy to use, and is made from nontoxic materials.

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IBM Watson App

Medtronic and IBM, along with Panasonic, have come together to develop a new app with the capability of predicting hypoglycemia at least three hours before it occurs. This prediction helps seniors with diabetes make more informed decisions, including immediately eating foods that raise blood glucose levels. 

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