Is Aging In Place Right For You? What Will You Need?

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In order to age-in-place successfully, there are important things to consider. Steve Lorberbaum, owner of Assisting Hands Home Care Potomac in Montgomery County, MD speaks with Bonnie Friedman on her podcast about resources that are available.

This 30-minute podcast provides an overview of the Assisting Hands Home Care Potomac business owned by Steve Lorberbaum and located in Bethesda, Maryland. His office serves all of Montgomery County. In this podcast Steve discusses numerous topics, to include:

  • The services that are available
  • What you should consider if you want to age-in-place
  • What types of personalities age-in-place most successfully
  • How you can adapt your home to successfully age-in-place, and
  • Other topics that should be considered if you want to age-in-place

Steve Lorberbaum started his business as a result of real-world experience he and his wife have had with parents who needed various forms of help. Just knowing that there are services available to help a family can bring true peace-of-mind. Some of the circumstances that make staying at home more appealing depend on the resources that are available.

There are many situations in life that come up where people may need help at home – ranging from post-surgical care, disability care, caring for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s, helping someone with Parkinson’s or companion care for someone who can’t get out and visit neighbors or friends.