Seven Summer Safety Tips For Seniors

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Summer tends to bring with it a sense of excitement and a desire to get outside and be active. That’s great, but for seniors who have a higher sensitivity to heat, a little more caution needs to be exercised when it comes to making plans in the sun.

  1. Stay hydrated. The standard suggestion is to aim to drink 6-8 cups of water a day. If you intend to spend much time out in the sun, you may want to aim even higher to avoid dehydration. Invest in a water bottle or two that it’s easy to take along on your jaunts outside and challenge yourself to finish it before you get home.Don’t just depend on your body to tell you when you’re thirsty. One of the many small frustrations of aging is that seniors become less aware of their thirst. Be proactive in staying hydrated and make sure it’s water, sports drinks or juice that you’re drinking – sodas, coffee, and especially alcohol won’t work as good alternatives for hydration
  2. Don’t stay out for too long. If you live somewhere where it gets really hot, you should keep your plans for outdoor activities reasonably short. Don’t plan to spend the whole day out in the sun – stick to a couple of hours and then head inside for a break. You don’t always feel the effect the sun is having on you in the moment, but it can build to something dangerous if you’re not careful to temper the time you spend outside on hot days.