Apps that Promote Health in Older Adults

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Seniors today have an array of options at their fingertips for staying healthy, and smartphones are a convenient way to keep health monitoring apps close at hand. From checking blood sugar levels to staying on track with nutrition, here are the top apps for senior health.


My Medical

Keeping up with all of a senior’s medical information can get difficult when he or she is seeing multiple doctors. This app provides a handy way to organize all of a senior’s health records in an easy-to-access place. Blood test tracking, X-rays, and a list of current medications can all be stored and viewed using this app.


Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker

It’s easy to forget a recent blood pressure reading or fail to notice small changes that occur over time. With this app, seniors can record their blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight. Then the results can be tracked over a period of time.



Reading labels in the supermarket can get tricky, yet seniors must be cautious about their diet. This app simplifies food selection by allowing a senior to scan the item, then the app will rate it on a scale of A to D. Seniors are able to input personal information such as food allergies or dietary restrictions so each rating is customized.

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OnTrack Diabetes

Those who monitor their glucose levels can use this app to track their data. Each entry can also be annotated so a senior and his or her physician can assess what might be causing spikes or drops in the senior’s blood sugar levels.

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Red Panic Button

Although no one wants to think about the worst happening, this app makes sure the appropriate caregivers and emergency service providers are alerted with a quick touch of a button. Seniors simply enter their personal contacts into the app, and an instant text message that includes the senior’s GPS location on Google Maps is sent out as soon as the senior presses the red button.

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