The Assisting Hands® Help Alert Pendant

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One of the biggest challenges when caring for a loved one is figuring out what to do when you or a companion caregiver can’t be with them. The fear of falls and other medical emergencies can be stressful if a loved one is left alone for any period of time. Medical alert systems offer a vital service to those with mobility and medical issues and helps them live at home longer with greater independence. It also provides peace of mind for family who can’t be with their loved ones 24/7.

Now, in addition to our professional home care services, Assisting Hands® also offers a simple to use medical alert pendant that keeps your loved one safe when alone at home. The Assisting Hands Home Care Potomac Help Alert pendant is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can dispatch previously identified family member or responders, an ambulance, police or fire personnel within minutes. It’s an ideal choice that provides a variety of advantages, including:

  • One button operation for ease of use
  • Pre-sets to call family, friends and caregivers
  • Text alerts that can be sent to family, friends and caregivers
  • Ability for families to call in and speak with users directly
  • An effective way to eliminate unnecessary 911 calls

The Assisting Hands Help Alert system is simple to use and contains a wide number of features, including a voice speaker and microphone, one-touch help call button, Help Alert instant text notifications and a built-in GPS locator with Google Maps link. The water-resistant design enables users to wear it in the bath and shower where they may be more vulnerable to falls. It’s also easy to charge through a convenient drop-in charging stand.

Medical alert systems are so much more than a communication device. For those with medical conditions, they are a link to help when it’s needed the most. To learn more about the Assisting Hands Help Alert pendant and how it can keep your loved one safe while also maintaining their independence, contact us.